Subhasmita & Siddhanta


Childhood love stories are some of the sweetest, most heartwarming tales. They feature two people who share a bond that stands the test of time. Whether it's two kids finding each other in elementary school, or two teens falling for each other in high school, these stories always touch our hearts. It's a beautiful thing to witness two people grow together, through thick and thin, and eventually make a lifelong commitment to one another. It's no wonder why we love to hear about childhood love stories that turn into forever love stories.



Memorable Moments

Our Love Story

The most surprise part of our stories is that each special moment begins
From May Month of a Year.

We Met


When we were in standard 1
we first meet up. Then we became friends.we meet up in Bhubaneshwar once more in May 2015

We Fell In Love


In Berhampur, I proposed to her, and she accepted my love with a beautiful rose and a beautiful letter in 8th September 2015

Together Forever


We finally got married in 8th May 2019 and started our journey together forever. I’ve heard that childhood love stories are very precious, but for us, it was particularly special when it actually happened.

Celebrate Our Love

08 May 2019

Thank You